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Freedom's a funny word. Who wants Free Dumb? I generate plenty.

Life is so strange, all the twists and turns in one person's plot of life. I'm still trying to figure out if my book is a comedy or a drama, I'm hoping it's a romance novel but chances are in the end it'd be a tradegy. I love my life and who I am but sometimes it feels like my feelings are reversed for when it comes to what I've got. Not that I should really be complaining but just that I've always wanted more.
What am I really talking about? You wont know. So just comment about my new hair cut or lack there of or whatever you want.


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life is tricky and confusing sometimes but thats how it's supposed to be. Just let things happen how they happen.

Did you cut all your hair off?!?!
Nope it's still all here :)
i like your hair. just kidding. commented bitch. update more and ill comment more ♥